Friday, December 29, 2006

cant sleeeep

arrrgh cant sleeep man cant
should i lissen to dumas or joseph nxt?
arthur it is

i gots nothin to do tomororow
so nothin its like noooo-thang

nothin to do but be alive
smile share laugh eat drink
keep each other warm yeah

a sure bet is my hands gettin cold out there
it finally feels like winter its finally white

i still don know if i can get my head around christ
like, god comin down in man form flesh n bone
its nice but i dunno, his only son flesh n bone

thats quite hard man
hard like love
thats why i guess its not meant to be easy
its hard like death n love n sex the way it should be

life aint easy why should god be right?

i dunno tho still cant believe it quite
literal not, fer shur

but joseph makesme wanna believe
yes i do i wanna
i wanna be one i wanna be love

peace out world

[originally posted at 3:22 a.m.]

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Anonymous said...

peace & love from the uk.. me i don't believe anything