Friday, December 8, 2006

shards of winter

winter is shards
piercing our senses

cold burnt lung pink
glacial shelves, frozen turd clumps, & gravel that always
infests the crunch of yr boots
Xmas lights glare gullible retail cheer
thru the premature darkness
spectral trees huge hangdog bluesmen of the boreal
(they wave 'em like they just don't cay-re,
'til an icy bough breaks in yo' face!)
cars that are invisible 'til you find
yrself on the wrong end of their interrogating headlights
& faces thru the windshield weary & impatient
wondering who will make the first move

shuffle thru another urban tundra
howling broken & barren needles

a season designed to break yr heart
that slowly hardens a northern soul