Thursday, December 7, 2006


you were running laughing coming up fast
pinned me down ferocious love beast mama
rolling goosebump meadows
butterfly eyes
gazelle muscle
tiger fur
cresting, looming, open, ah

yr fingernails dug into my shoulders
my ear in yr jaw
my throat in yr claw
as blades of grass
tickled my ass

wind quickened our hard nipples
and i felt how fortunate
to be yr prey


mutleythedog said...

Yo Dave - just a quickie! Glad to have popped your cherry - it must be thirty years since I met a virgin ! I just think the comments must be approved thing stops proper blogging - like exchanging comments and stuff - unless you have a good reason like REALLY insulting or aggressive posts - not just normally insulting which is just part of the blog thing!

ANN said...

I really like your site. it's not at all like the usual blogs - everyone can get something from this one.

frobisher said...

Beautiful, this bought a tear to my eye

"as blades of grass
tickled my ass"