Thursday, December 7, 2006


Do you need religion out of fear?
assurances of love you miss here
comfort that yr nomatterhow will serve some purpose

i've seen death cheated the bastarad he ain't hard
i'm a true dog he's just ridin shotgun w me at the wheel
fuck you death

you swung yr sickle over my hostipal bed so many times
and i always laffed goddamit laffed in yr face
you don't scare you can only come when i beckon when i stop kicking life in the nuts

why i don't need religion
if religion is largely comfort in death

but yes religion is love and love is my religion
most dayze anyways

(i meant to write death between yr & nomatterhow,
now i realize its more true like that - life death all nomatterhow, infinite)

1 comment:

mutleythedog said...

Im being pursued by made religionists I need you on my team - I lke it - clever - but not too clever.