Thursday, December 7, 2006

freedom do you deserve a capital f do you deserve our blood

What is freedom?
the freer we are the more we fear

What is freedom but another commodity
another indulgence in porndrinkdrugsmoneyrollingthedie

Free to follow our old routine
pour another day down the drain
whre's the change

what is this my life
what is a world
a playground?

So play around
you're free to fuck to drunk to run away full of fear
to look away from my eyes to only make contact when yrs are full of steel

And each street I know I walk a million times
Oh but I'm free
I am
I'm gonna gorge me a greasy one right now
why are my dreams confined to a tin foil box?

why shine blinking a newborn chivering at the fear of freedom's possibilites
never guessing myslf
i should move
freedom is truly a torch from flailing hands
a light a gift this life my love

a gift from those who couldn't be free
or were they most of all -giving ever so selflessly
freedom is courage

where is mine

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