Monday, January 1, 2007

i cant wont aint gonna stop

i aint gonna stop demanding
i'm a demandng little fuk i want all the answers now
and tomorrow i'll have another head full of
questions to bounce off yer skull

i'll never stop non
cause to stop questioning is to be complacent
and to be complacent is to be dead
and i'm far from dead oh i'm very much alive babe

i never had a sister could that be why
lovers and friends but none of em felt that way
lovers often felt like a b-ball court
did she foul me or did i draw a charge?
(no refs but ourselfs)
pass you selfish fuker pass the ball
and sometimes they were i swear they
were on the opposing team

i see the appeal of drugs they dont let you down til yer too numb too know they fuked you anyway
some lovers r like that too actually

some friends almost too

but that makes me wnna get to the bottom more
an after all its just another shovel of dirt
a step into the grave
well ok but i aint takin it sittin down

questions man i need answers


cause questioning is tryin
tryin is faith
its the people w all the answers that don't have
faith yeah thats right theyre cynics
thats one thing i do know
acting all big shot sneer they got us pegged
while a few of us poke around tryin not to be half-dead

the rest i aint figured out
maybe never will but why else would god make me a little
obnoxious dick
prob never find answers here to love life n death

but i'm tryin man i'm still askin
in the meantime d'ya wanna be my sister?

[the last line sux, but what the heck]

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